Artsphoria’s Distinctive Event Service: In-Depth Media Coverage at Every Stage

With an explosion of special events, business conferences and corporate retreats, participants can attend only a limited number or sessions each week.

Although an event may catch their interest, they may miss a workshop packed with valuable information because of other commitments, schedule conflicts or distance.

Even when conference goers attend sessions with take-away points that continue to ring in their ears, they may wonder:

  • What was the speaker’s exact wording?
  • How can our group, in another location, connect with this source of inspiration?
  • How can we continue to tap into a speaker’s energy during an event, which disappears at the close of a session?

In-Depth Media Coverage Before, During and After Events

At Artsphoria Events & Media Group, our event planning, marketing and reporting services go the extra mile by offering an important solution. . Instead of simply expending massive time and energy preparing for events that make only a real-time splash, we provide in-depth media coverage before, during and after an event.

Artsphoria’s experienced arts and business writers, photographers and videographers differentiate our group from others in the event planning and marketing industry by:

  • Posting detailed human-connection articles and Q&As on Artsphoria’s site(s) and others to build excitement before events
  • Providing real-time coverage through social media to extend event reach for those who cannot attend sessions
  • Reporting on the entire conference and providing a lasting record on this site and elsewhere

Experienced Reporters Covering Special Events, Business Conferences and Corporate Retreats

If brief event listings are not delivering sufficient results for your company, our creative team is ready to spotlight your event speakers now! We currently provide event reporting services for the following:

  • Profiles, articles and blogs about speakers, events and destinations
  • Real-time coverage of online webinars and seminars
  • Special events at art museums, galleries and elsewhere in  Philadelphia; New Jersey; New York; and Washington, D.C.
  • Business conferences and corporate retreats in Philadelphia, New Jersey; New York; and Washington, D.C.

Samples of Artsphoria Media Group’s Special Event and Business Conference Reporting

Here are samples capturing memorable points at previous arts and business conferences:

Artsphoria Media Group Workshop: “Women Trailblazers: Female Founders & CEOs Carving Their Own Paths”

Early-, Mid- and Mature-Stage Women’s Businesses: Lessons Revealed During Panel Discussion

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Angel Capital Expo: Presenter Highlights

Extended Special Event Reporting Through Artsphoria’s Network of Experienced Reporters

Through our extended network of experienced reporters, Artsphoria Events & Media Group may schedule special event coverage in other locations. If you are an experienced arts and business writer who would like to be considered for a possible assignment, list your details in Artsphoria’s Business Directory  now!

Does your company need help with event planning, marketing and reporting before, during and after special events and business conferences? To request details about our event services and sign up for our newsletter, email today.


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