5 Reasons to Attend 2 Great Workshops With Multiple Benefits

With all of the special events that you can attend each day, how do you decide to spend your limited time wisely? When you can select among a multitude of options, why should you commit to particular sessions?

Reasons to Select and Attend Specific Special Events

As you scan a full list of upcoming events this fall, you may feel pulled in different directions. Here are some guidelines to help you make the best selections:

  1. Educational opportunities supporting personal and business growth: For those interested in personal and business growth, informative sessions with practical applications and take-aways are essential. With most of us racing the clock each day, programs with highly instructive and engaging speakers are vital.
  2. Chance to meet people with similar interests and network: Attending a special event that aligns with your personal interests and goals offers the possibility of connecting with others who share your vision. When time is allotted for networking during these sessions, you may meet someone who can help move a project forward, spark new ideas in an exciting collaborative effort or simply help you think about ideas in a new light.
  3. Extra perks including raffles and book signings with authors: Most of us love winning free prizes, so raffles at events are especially appealing. The opportunity to meet and talk with an author, personally signing a book on related event topics, also holds great interest.
  4. Energizing exchanges and activities for an informal company retreat: Perfectly timed events, offering a “mini-getaway” or informal company retreat, will call to those who are more than ready for a break during the fall. For those needing a pickup after summer vacations and before the rush of the holiday season, sessions with manageable half and full day options will particularly make sense.
  5. Easy-to-reach location offering relaxation and entertainment: Sometimes, you simply want to have fun in an enjoyable location. Generally, most of us don’t want to break the bank, so events that are conveniently located with several transportation options hold great appeal. Even better, a session in a beautiful and relaxing setting will get prospective participants to click “register now!”

Two Strategy-Focused Workshops on Arts and Business Partnerships

At Artsphoria Events & Media Group, we are committed to organizing special events that provide long-term benefits for your creative work, business or organization. To help you save time and take advantage of two strategy-focused workshops in one fabulous location on the same day, we are presenting the following sessions on arts and business partnerships:


Would you like to take advantage of two strategy-focused workshops with tips for building arts and business partnerships? Sign up today for “Arts & Business Partnerships: Creative Strategies for Community Service” on Oct. 16, 2019, from 10 a.m. to noon, at Stockton University in Atlantic City NJ. Then, register for “Arts & Business Partnerships: Increase Productivity & Profits,” from 1 to 4 p.m.

Are you ready to learn useful tips from engaging speakers? Would you like to meet others interested in community service and collaboration? Can you hear the ocean and boardwalk calling you? To join us for these informative workshops at Stockton University in Atlantic City NJ, sign up now!

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