Tips to Delight Event Speakers and Guests: Custom Gifts, Gift Baskets and Raffles

By Andrea K. Hammer

Anyone who has invested extensive time in planning a special event is familiar with the big buildup before the designated day finally arrives. A million details need to be carefully managed throughout this time-consuming process including:

  • Finding the right venue
  • Scheduling and coordinating speakers
  • Handling publicity
  • Monitoring signups
  • Soliciting sponsors
  • Inviting press for media coverage

With good preparation and foresight, the event will unfold as conceived and planned. However, how do you transform a workshop, conference or retreat into a truly memorable and meaningful gathering?

Exciting Raffles Honoring Speakers and Their Organizations

One simple way to express gratitude to speakers is to hold a raffle featuring their work. For those who have generously donated their time, purchasing and giving away the following items will convey genuine support for their organizations:

  • Books by speakers or company members
  • Photographic prints, posters or artwork from staff
  • T-shirts displaying company logos
  • Totes for mobile advertising
  • Show tickets related to affiliations

At the same time, delighted recipients at the event will express a  feeling of excitement, which spreads quickly among all of the participants.

Creative Gifts and Gift Baskets to Thank Speakers, Sponsors and Volunteers

In any personal or business relationship, genuine acknowledgment of others’ presence, support and valuable contributions is a basic courtesy. If you want to leave a lasting impression, custom gifts or gift baskets  will reinforce this recognition.

Here are some elements that will add extra meaning:

  • Prominent placement of company product
  • Inclusion of delightful and festive items
  • Selection of at least one enduring gift

More Information About Artsphoria’s Event Planning Services and Custom Gifts

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