During meaningful sessions featuring leaders serving their community, engaging speakers share their experiences, tips and tools to help others succeed in the arts and business worlds. In keeping with Artsphoria’s collaborative model, we are committed to supporting and spreading the word about this positive and uplifting work.

Innovative Event Planning, Marketing and Reporting Services

Artsphoria’s creative event planning, marketing and reporting team also specializes in providing services to:

  • arts and business speakers
  • visual and performing artists
  • art museums/galleries
  • colleges/universities
  • chefs/restaurants
  • trade shows/convention centers
  • fashion/design specialists
  • retail boutiques, shops and malls
  • hotels, resorts and travel destinations

Are you a speaker who needs an event planner to schedule and organize your events?

Would you like to place a prominent advertising display on promotional materials for these events or on Artsphoria Media Group’s sites?

For details as well as event planning, marketing and reporting requests, email Artsphoria’s Founder & CEO Andrea Karen Hammer at artsbiz@protonmail.com now!